Written Impressions Results-based Fee Schedule

was designed to provide maximum value for our clients. 


On a standard grant project, new clients are required to post a non-refundable retainer fee that is 100% credited towards future billing. From that point forward, 50% of our standard fee is deferred, pending a subsequent grant award.


When the grant is awarded, the remaining 50% of the standard fee that has been deferred becomes due. If the grant proposal is not awarded, the deferred balance is eliminated.


Our current hourly fee for professional services is $125.00 (one hundred and twenty five dollars) per hour.




  • A new client pays a $500 retainer on a Grant Project. In the first month, 30 hours are billed on the account (@ $100 per hour for simplicity in this calculation)


  • Half of the full $3,000 is deferred pending a subsequent grant award, leaving a balance of $1,500.


  • A $500 credit is applied from the retainer.


  • $1,000 is due in the first month.


  • In the following month, 40 additional hours are billed on the account.


  • Half of the $4,000 is deferred pending a subsequent grant award, leaving a balance of $2,000 due at that time.


  • A total of $3,500 has been deferred pending a subsequent grant award.


  • The grant is subsequently awarded, and the deferred $3,500 becomes due.




  • The grant is not awarded, and the deferred $3,500 balance is either eliminated or deferred pending resubmission.


  • Most grant resubmissions are completed by Written Impressions free of charge, pending payment per the original contract upon award.  


This fee schedule also provides incentive for us to only accept projects that we feel have a strong potential for winning an award.


On a single-project basis, our standard fee of $125 per hour applies to all of our additional services.   Discounted contracts my also be negotiated for ongoing non-grant related project work.













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